Visiting Artists, January to May

William Janelle is a self-taught sculptor who works primarily in wood. As a subtractive sculptor, he takes away from a single block with hand tools, often leaving tool marks behind as a sort of fingerprint. His preferences of wood are apple, cherry, butternut and walnut. These are hardwoods with very distinctive grains and colors. We also work in marble, soapstone, alabaster, pumpkin, ice and snow. My style is a fusion of realism and neo-classicalism. This enables the viewer to recognize the subject matter and at the same time allows him the freedom of self-expression. The goal of each piece is to show motion in the subject matter. The sculpture's emotion allows the viewer to recognize a bit of humanity in the subject portrayed.

William Janelle

Sarah Silveira is a fiber artist from Rumney, NH. She first discovered the fiber arts when her grandmother taught her to knit at the age of 5. From there the seed was sown, and her love of everything fiber continued to flower and blossom throughout her life. Sarah is mostly self taught, and enjoys experimenting to create all sorts of fiber arts. She finds a peaceful ‘moving meditation’ in the creative process. Many times starting with the raw fleece, cleaning and preparing the wool before spinning, dyeing, and then finally working the yarn into a finished product. Sarah loves the creativity that “playing” with fiber allows her to have, and getting to share it with others brings her great joy.

Sarah Silveira

N.H. artist Jeffrey LeBlanc, a long time resident of the White Mountain region creates art in various mediums, occasionally with overlap from one to another. With no formal art training, Jeffrey has been involved numerous group shows as well as solo exhibits and been awarded with Jurors’ choice, as well as People’s Choice. His recent and current works include fluid, liquid paint pours, and the combination of wood and resin with the goal of achieving functional, unique, personalized custom art/furnishings.

Jeffrey LeBlanc

Dorothy Crowell is currently attending Lakes Region Community College. As an artist who is also an art student, Dorothy likes exploring different materials. Her favorite mediums to work with are ceramics and acrylic paint. In ceramics, she works in a 2D form by cutting out slabs and then creating tiles to paint. Animals are the main inspirations behind her art. She loves drawing them and painting them.

Dorothy Crowell

Martha Jane Stevermerrecently moved to New Hampshire. My mosaics are based on the ornamentation of items used in everyday life (table tops, mirrors, trays, etc.) The mosaics are put together with found objects giving these pieces a second life and perspective even if it is only to the memory of the user. She has integrated jewelry and other objects of meaning. She wants her work to amuse the user with memories or a fun new way to see an object. Art deco lines and the spacial placement of detailed pieces that construct the whole inspire her.

<strong>Martha Jane Stevermer</strong>

73 Main Street - On the Common - Plymouth, NH ~ 603.536.2750