Visiting Artists

Artistic Roots welcomes four new Visiting Artists: Marci Sadoque, jeweler; Jess Barnett, painting; Gerald Ouellette, carvings and flutes; and Nancy Mills, beading. The reception for the artists is planned for February 21st from 5-7 PM and all are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served.

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The resin jewelry created by Marci Sadoques is greatly influenced from being a New Hampshire native, who has always enjoyed adventuring in the woods, following old trails, animal tracks and streams. Over 20year experience as a silversmith and teaching jewelry making came to an abrupt end for Marci after enduring a succession unfortunate incidents and events almost a decade ago. Fortunately Marci's fascination with science and experimenting lead to her discovery of epoxy resin's versatility and the rebirth of her creativity, developing a new line of jewelry she first introduced to the public in the spring of 2018 attending farmers markets and festivals. We welcome her unique style.

Marci Sadoques

Jess Barnett explores the duality of personality within her imagery. Since 2004, her artwork has transformed from a Franz Kline-influenced stark use of color (black, gray, white, and red) to the use of more fluid, colorful, flora-esque marks. Themes include longing, distance in relationships, loss, and remembrance. She often uses painted or drawn words within paintings to emphasize these themes. In her latest pieces, she incorporates hand stitching with colored thread, representing rebirth and redemption.

Jess Barnett

For photographer, Gerry Ouellette, a former member of Artistic Roots, has worked in wood, crafting Native American flutes and carved birds. An accident a couple of years ago left Gerry unable to continue his craft. He currently has several Loon carvings that he calls "Wilderness Family" and an assortment of flutes, all of which can be seen in the All of Gerry's carvings and flutes are priced very reasonably. So come by and take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Gerry Ouellette

Fiber Artist, Nancy Mills grew up in Medfield, MA, and moved to Westborough, MA, as a teenager, graduating from WHS in 1968. At Plymouth State College in NH, she trained to be an English teacher, a career she pursued for 40 years. Stones and jewelry had always interested her. As a child, she collected pretty rocks and played with jewelry, deconstructing it and recombining its parts. As an adult, Nancy was given a hand-crafted necklace and she took a good look at how it was made, finding inspiration to try it herself. From lessons at a local gem and mineral shop, she learned techniques that helped to use a variety of materials. Over time, Nancy’s work evolved from seed bead necklaces to pieces using semi-precious gemstones, pearls, crystals, and several different metals. Since 1995, she has been selling handcrafted jewelry and doing custom work as Brownie’s Beads (based on an internet nickname) at artisan craft fairs in New England and shops in central New Hampshire. Simple, wearable art is what she creates.

Nancy Mills

73 Main Street - On the Common - Plymouth, NH ~ 603.536.2750