Visiting Artists

Artistic Roots welcomes five new visiting artists to the gallery from July through October. They are: Molly Simpson, Dom Morocco, Emmylou Vollmer, Tinglan Yang and Cam Sinclair. The gallery will hold a welcoming reception on July 20th from 5 - 6:30 PM. Refreshments will be served and all are welcome.

Molly Simpson

Molly Simpson was inspired to create art at a young age by her grandmother, Esther Lovett, an accomplished artist who spent many summers painting in this area. Molly concentrated on her art in high school, college, and then at Paier College of Art. As a sideline to her career as a graphic artist and web designer, she worked in various media but mostly in pastel portraiture. Art was put on hold for years while raising a family. In 2019, Molly returned to drawing and painting after moving to New Hampshire. During the 2020 pandemic, being creative kept her sane through zoom classes Annette Mitchell and Suzan Gannett offered. Working primarily in pastels, she is beginning to move out of her comfort zone ó using acrylics to paint with abandon on large canvases. Molly states, "Painting the New Hampshire landscape can be relaxing and challenging. The light and color patterns on mountains and lakes change dramatically when clouds are on the move."

Dom Marocco

Dom Marocco's first interest in painting developed over many years. He spent several years taking watercolor lessons from a very accomplished artist. Dom acknowledges that it takes time to assimilate the techniques required to produce decent painting. Dom said, ďI have been encouraged to continue the pursuit by discovering that the brilliant Leonardo da Vinci spent a dozen years completing just a single painting. Of course, it was the magnificent Mona Lisa!Ē After watercolor, he took a short course in acrylic painting and enjoyed the versatility of that medium. Consequently, all of his work uses acrylics on archival acid-free canvas panels. For subject matter, Dom focuses animals, primarily birds, with my brushes at times fleshing out a smattering of other animal subjects as the mood strikes. Dom commented, "All of my paintings have minimal background beyond the animal that is the subject of the painting. I paint this way so as not to distract from the natural beauty of my animal subjects."

Emmylou Vollmer

Emmylou Vollmer is an artist and herbalist living in her hometown of Thornton, NH. She apprenticed with Master Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar in 2001 and graduated with a Bachelorís of Fine Arts from Montserrat College of Art in 2003. Living in the mountains, surrounded by the cycles of nature, Emmylou has found that felting and nature photography are her favored methods of expressing her enchantment. As the seasons turn on the wheel of the year, so does the focus of her work. She discovered that felting with wool and other fibers is a fascinating process. There are many ways to create a sculpted piece, from needle felting to wet felting. Anything can be made from a fluffy puff of fiber. Sculpting is a labor-intensive process that is so satisfying and full of beautiful possibilities. Emmylou commented, "From creating magical pieces like spirit dolls and personal talismans to nature vessels and mushrooms. I feel like there is something new to try and make every time I step into my workshop."

Tinglan Yang

Tinglan Yang is an economics teacher at Plymouth State University. She had loved art since she was little but had never taken an art course until the winter of 2017 when she began learning about oil painting. A year ago, she started to teach herself Chinese water & ink painting, learning watercolor techniques from a Taiwanese artist. Tinglan said, "I started to feel free to express my thoughts, feelings, and love of nature. I began with realistic style works; then experimented with the looser style." In addition to painting, she also does photography.

Cam Sinclair

Cam Sinclair resides in New Hampshire and retired in 2006 after a thirty-five year career in public education as a guidance counselor, wrestling, and soccer coach. He is still active as a coach and referee. Camís first love is painting, and retirement has allowed him to devote more time to continuing his journey as an artist. Cam specializes in landscapes and works in oils and oil pastels. He is a self-taught artist. Cam took up painting after graduating from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts, with a Masterís Degree in Psychology in 1971. Camís love of the rural New England landscape is evident in his artwork as he strives to capture the different moods and lighting of the ever-changing mountains, fields, streams, and lakes. His paintings have won "Best in Show" awards at numerous art shows over the years.

73 Main Street - On the Common - Plymouth, NH ~ 603.536.2750