Visiting Artists

Artistic Roots welcomes four new visiting artists to our program. Our artists include: visual artist, Hannah Cabell; photographer, Gillian Martlew; photographer, Claudia Rippee; photographer, Jeanne Allen.

 Hannah Cabell

Hannah Cabell is an actor and filmmaker who splits her time between New Hampshire and New York City. Though she grew up doing visual arts on her own, it wasn’t until the pandemic put a pause on all acting work that she began taking classes with Annette Mitchell through Artistic Roots. Hannah has appeared on- and off-Broadway, most notably in Pulitzer-Prize winning ‘Fairview’ by Jackie Sibblies Drury, ‘The Father’ opposite Frank Langella, and ‘Compulsion’ opposite Mandy Patinkin. Her TV and film appearances include ‘Blacklist’, ‘Madame Secretary’, ‘Mr. Robot’, and ‘Luce’. She recently wrote and directed her own short film ‘Lost Nation’, which she shot on Squam Lake and at Sant Bani School. Her artwork ranges from naturalistic to abstract, and this current show is focused on color and natural forms.

Gillian Martlew

Gillian Martlew is a photographer from New London, NH. She is drawn to photograph things because of how they make her feel. The energy of that feeling comes through in her images, it may be the shape of an object, its age or some detail like peeling paint of things laid down and forgotten. It may be that she is drawn in by patterns and geometry, colors or textures, or how light falls on something and changes its character… whatever the lure, it is the feeling it creates in her that makes her want to capture it as am image.

Claudia Rippee

Claudia Rippee is a photographer and teacher with an abiding interest in pinhole photography and the wet plate process. She has found joy in capturing street scenes in Europe, still lives at home, and portraits of friends and strangers in a studio she share with two fellow photographers in Manchester, New Hampshire. She taught photography at the NH Institute of Art from 2004 to 2016 and she is a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association and a board member of the NH Society of Photographic artists. She co-founded the nonprofit arts group ArtFront, a multidisciplinary, arts advocacy foundation that invites the greater community to come and enjoy the arts in all their expressive forms.

Jeanne Allen

In 1964, Jeanne Allen began her photographic journey with a brownie camera. For many years, she was the preferred photographer for anyone having a bad hair day. All that changed when, at age 16, she bought her first single lens reflex camera. Over the past 50 years, Jeanne has photographed to document the world around her, and for the pleasure of making art. She has photographed throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Ireland and China. A committed, lifelong learner, Jeanne earned her Photography Certificate at The New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2013. She enjoys making photographs with a variety of processes and tools. She is grateful for the support and influence of the Off Kamera photo group.

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